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The Trainwreck of Tranquility: Microaggression Training

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'For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.’ - H. L. Mencken Learning and Development is always looking for a new word, trend, and model. And while some models are not useful, the biggest problem…

Three Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking

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Business owners and CEOs always want to think the best of the relationship with their clients. They’re so sure their customers will never leave because they’ve been with them for years….or because of a supposedly “special” relationship…

Biz-Souls – The Cavernous Backstory

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    In 2009, Jeffrey Hansler and Jim Dowd began their organizational and business development work together. By 2011, they had four major projects underway in a diverse group of industries: union, medical, and travel. As…